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generation of Chinese immigrants. For this purpose, a presence, we Jin ‘ s official website as well as his official social media accounts. The shopping center was opening up on the search for ways to connect the major source of income of the Chinese consumer, and committed to us, more and more Chinese tourists with the Beverly Center. With the Lunar New Year holiday as a backdrop, A Chinese American experience: Lunar New Year, the unique traditions and cultural nuances that exist in two generations of Chinese-Americans. PCA was enlisted to create a targeted media and grassroots campaign to increase sales in San Francisco under the 1. Through an effective and coherent marketing strategy, to define Lucky dragons, an authentic Asian Las Vegas experience. With bi-coastal presence, advertising offers service from the National to the Local, and reach both B2C and B2B target segments. This event served as a proof-of-concept, with over 500 on-site user experience, the 500,000 media impressions, and over 4,000,000 social media impressions. The film also shows how such traditions can develop between the generations, while never fails to bring together. explore On our trip, we produced more than 5,000 events and collected over 2.5 million visitors in the United States.. What began as a college, Asian Americans grew to a national brand has become a staple in the Asian events and entertainment community

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The brand saw strong sales during the promotional period, with 66% activation growth in a quarter. According to the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit symbolizes good taste, artistic skills, and the ability to look at problems from each side, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages. The 3-month program resulted in hundreds of Chinese tourists in the Beverly Center, numerous surveys collected, and over 300% ROI, based on the total sales revenue. The campaign generated impressions of 936,000 for print, over 27 million digital, and more than 33 million for TV-for an estimated total of 62 million impressions. This is the same mindset that drives us to be innovative and brave; brave enough to question the status quo, rather than to the other. The campaign inspired concert tickets-sale, resulted in 200% delivery media impressions and earned a high click-through rate (Click-Through-Rates), including Facebook average click rate.20%, Facebook Video average CTR of 6.35%, and YouTube-Video-to-website click-through rate.54%. The tour featured well-known Asian artists from around the world, including Se7en, Epik High, Far East Movement, JJ Lin, Vanness Wu, Evonne Hsu, Mike Relm, and Jay Park.. Increase your brand awareness, PCA, a partnership with a leading Chinese TV program to raise awareness of the Chinese-American audience. The combination of these marketing efforts led to a strong influence in the community awareness and an increase in the Ultra-subscribers. Success, conquest, invest, best, progress, resolution, resolved, accESs -, fresh -, resource -, and the list goes on. The shopping center was opening up on the search for ways to connect the major source of income of the Chinese consumer, and undertook PCA, and more Chinese tourists with the Beverly Center. Attention-grabbing content, targeted platform, integration, and success metric indicators to ensure that your business objectives are achieved, while authentically engage your audience. As a result of our tactical approach and culturally relevant ad copy, we about our media impressions goal and reached over 4.1 million impressions during a 2-week campaign. For this purpose, a presence, PCA created Jin ‘ s official website as well as his official social media accounts. In New York, wanted to live to the capital on this cross-cultural connection by digital video for the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese moon festival-American markets

Armed with a wealth of insights, awareness of roots, we combated the lack of HBV in the Asian community with a fully integrated marketing plan, including TV, OOH, print, digital, PR and grass. We had the opportunity to change this, if we have been commissioned to develop a creative and strategic marketing plan for the closure of the gap between BMW and its competitors in the top-Asian region. Their products are very popular in Asia, especially in Japan, but the Asians in the United States are much less familiar with the brand. With the exception of voiceover, we each Phase of the production for the video, including art direction for some of the delicious props that we had ever dealt with. Of efforts to the post-event follow-up, we offer complete support for you from the beginning to the end of advertising. Our adventure began in 1995, when we founded a promotions and event production company in San Francisco. Roosevelt under Executive Order 9066, which led imprisoned to the removal of approximately 120,000 Japanese Americans from their homes incorrectly. In connection with the 70th anniversary of EO 9066, the Japanese American National Museum launched an initiative, The memory project, which allows individuals summoned to pay tribute to those who were affected by the injustice of the executive order.

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