CHAPTER 2 Review of Related Literature – Google Docs (2004) methods of research thesis-Writing and Applied statistics GUIDELINES ON EFFECTIVE WRITING FROM THE LITERATURE, AND REVIEW of the CHARACTERISTICS OF LITERATURE AND STUDIES 1. your words are Saying, imagine that they come out as if they were surrounding easily down a flight of stairs. They ensure that there are no overlaps with other studies. This is because related literature and studies-leader of the researchers in the pursuit of his projects. In addition, equipment that is used in most office environments, printers, copiers, Fax machines, etc. Zulueta, Francisco M.

  1. It is the duplication if an investigation already carried out, again in the same locale use virtually the same set of respondents.
  2. The average high school student works 20 hours per week, and about 10% work full-time (35 hours or more).
  3. Terms Prezi Product-Gallery Text Template For Business-Testimonials Infogram Infogram Charts, Info Graphics, Corporate Press, The Science Is Clear About Team Careers Our Values Our Customers Contact Us Support Prezi Next Support Prezi Classical Languages.
  4. FUNCTIONS OF LITERATURE AND STUDIES, A survey, or when examining the relevant literature and studies is very important, because such literature and studies serve as the basis of the planned study.
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  6. Today, the Northern California operations MT consist of 8 retail stores in the San Francisco, South Francisco, South San Jose (to Decorate), Union City, Concord,.
  7. Replication of the study of research problem already conducted but in another place.
  8. A review of the literature is used to support the research landscape, through the analysis and synthesis of previous research in the area..
  9. Staircase intonation not only gives you that American sound, it also makes you sound much safer.
  10. 2.They help to understand the investigator, his topic for research better.
  11. The review of literature and studies may clarify vague points of his problem.

Today, there is an extensive use of computers in various applications, a computation of Bank statements, to accelerate the use of robotics machine, some factory works, enrollment and grading system in school and universities, networking and others. By reviewing the related materials, which is a replication of a similar problem can better be found than the problem already chosen.


Man slowly realized the importance of the computer, the speed of communication in the remote areas and as a means of transferring data for business needs. That is the system hides certain details how the data is maintained to be stored, as noted by Abraham silver treasure, Database System Concepts (1999). This could be android benefit application, the user, namely, the pre-schooler that does not have runs, the confidence in learning through this type of andoid software, the interactive features in a single interface.

  • This is, where do they go start something completely different than what you have done in your previous English studies.
  • thesis Writing, The meaning and the purpose of literature and studies is the identification of the similarities and differences of the results between the past and the present, studies to gain insight into the aspects of the problem, critical, and controversial.

According to Sotelo, 2005, Interactive Learning is a pedagogical approach, with social networking and urban computing into course design and delivery. The state is a priority for) the research and development of inventions and their utilization, and to science and technology education according to the 1987 Philippine Constitution (article XIV, paragraph 10. Interactive Learning has evolved from the hyper-growth in the use of digital technology and virtual communication, especially by the students The commodities, new devices, services, in technology, the needs of the people for a better more fulfilling life, this is the concern of the research. Calderon, Jose F. By the time young people graduate high school, 80 percent of part-time have, at some point during the school year..

What is the difference between related studies and related

This part is the hardest for many people because it goes against everything you’ve been taught. The beginning of the 2000 students in the institutions of higher education have expected that interactive learning is an integral part of the training. According to the U.S. Department of labor, 50 percent of American young people, informal jobs such as Babysitting or yard work, by age 12. A computer can titles, processes many kinds of information, from book-and customers-account numbers, chemical formulas and words from ancient Greek texts. These useful arts are the products of the technological environment and the end-user is society in General. They support the researchers, what to do on each of the components of the research process; this also gives the ideas for the continuation of the study until its completion. Do not let this sound groups floating on the wavy river in the figure flow downhill and you get to the stairs.. It handles large amount of facts and figures and solves complex problems at incredible worthiness high speeds

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