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We have already written quite a few articles about motivation and we will therefore devote the rest of this article leads you in the direction of key concepts in the world of Motivation. A number of studies have shown that motivation plays a crucial role in determining the level of performance.

  • The answer is motivation in management, the process through which managers encourage employees to be productive and effective.
  • An example of this is when we think, what we want and what we actually have, and we feel a discomfort or a tension.
  • Thus, motivation takes into account the individual differences between the employees and the morale of the employees can be increased by taking into account these factors, which influence group scenario or work settings..
  • Self-realization, or the fulfillment of a potential employment generally meets the needs of the lower level, regardless of the motivation.
  • To lead employees, the sufficiently motivated, productive, engaged and feel more invested in their work.
  • You, what are you a motivated cashier is, perhaps, experience in a retail setting, when considering the processing of your transaction.
  • So, the motives are the forces that act led the people in a way to ensure that the fulfilment of a particular human need at a time.
  • The \\\”poorly motivated people can, in the loss of the most solid organization.\\\” All said.
  • To do extrinsic motivation drives us, the things for tangible rewards or pressure, rather than for the fun of it such as customer cards, discounts, air miles, bonuses and commissions.
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  • To work the use of physical resources, depending on the ability and motivation of the employees.
  • Would you continue to work as hard as possible, or you would think, ‘why?’ Equity theory the Equity theory indicates that employees are motivated best when they feel the same.
  • Again, imagine that you work as hard as you can and find someone who works at the same level to do the same job, more money.
  • In this system, every employee is working in a company to improve the products, services and internal culture.

This theory States that human behavior is affected by three needs – need for Power, achievement and affiliation.

Motivation Theories: Individual Needs – CliffsNotes

  1. Motivation is what gets you the power to improve their self-motivation as well as Motivation for others.
  2. Without motivation, employees are not able to their best efforts and may seek the satisfaction of their needs outside of the organization.
  3. Summary of the lesson Manager, seek to convey, a desire to work hard and do well in your employees, and this is known as a motivation in management.
  4. This theory is based on the assumption that there is a hierarchy of five needs within each individual.
  5. The emotional dimension of leadership is one of the 3 most important elements of what is involved, lead to succeed and the management of change..
  6. To want our emotions to us and don’t want to, and if we have what we wanted, we then have the emotion to own it.

An example is a student, is the extra time spend studying for a test because he or she wants a better grade in the class. How do we define motivation, and how we understand and work with the different types of motivation is an essential aspect of leadership and management of people through change.


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  • Employees, you feel like you are part of a team and be praised for good work is the need of belonging and appreciation and are likely to be more motivated..
  • Management guide is a complete tutorial for management students, where students learn the basics as well as advanced concepts related to management and related topics.
  • Consider how you feel if you worked continuously as hard as possible, but never received additional recognition or compensation.
  • The might have two alternatives, namely (i) hard work and (ii) improvement of qualifications (e.g.
  • This can be obtained, but the motivation is in fact the level of desire feel to lead the employees, regardless of the level of happiness.
  • A satisfied employee interest in new organizational goals and are more receptive to change, wants to introduce the management, in order to improve the efficiency of the operations.
  • The article also makes a case for organizations, allowing employees to find their niche instead of forcing them into roles where they are not motivated.

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