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Such a drawing produces a picture, a bundle of arrows in the space around the magnet, representing the magnetic field. Seen from one end of the conductor, these are represented as lines to radiate outwardly from the head. So, the Convention is that the number of lines you draw, is in a certain region of space is proportional to the strength (magnitude) of the field in this region. In fact, you can do this on all points and know the extent and the direction of the field at all points. This means that all 100 have to come, which identifies the parts of the magnet as North and in parts of the South. Magnetic fields are produced by electric currents, the Railways macroscopic currents in wires, or microscopic currents associated with electrons in atomic orbits. This is only a pictorial representation, there are no actual lines come from the N-pole of the magnet, or go into the S-rod( the drawing is to explain the strength and direction of the field).. In fact, NASA is often temporarily shut down a satellite that may be in the path of a solar flare-eruption, rather than the chance that the flare will cause, to lead the satellite behave erratically or even cause the destruction of the satellite in electronics. For the magnet above, if you start at a point on the North side of the magnet and draw a line in the direction of the arrow, you will encounter immediately another arrow. The magnetic field produced by a current surround the conductor and, viewed from one end of the conductor, are shown by concentric circles. Response are affected As far as an electrical conductor, a magnetic field is generated by an electric current, while an electric field is generated, by possible. To answer your question, you really need to study what is known as the B-H or magnetising curve for a sample of ferromagnetic material-this will show you exactly what is the relationship between the magnetic field strength and flux density for all of the ferro-type magnetic material. Found this can be done by pouring some iron filings on a sheet of paper and then placing a bar magnet under the paper. You have arranged, the thickness of the lines with the right density, if you created your imaginary compass in a region with some of the density of the lines, a maximum torque according to the box. Now place a bar magnet under the surface of the glass plate and give light jerks constantly on the plate

Magnetic lines are closer at the poles of the magnet, since the magnetic field is grater in the light of the other parts. Magnetic field lines: The above process produces a vector field meaning that at every point in space one could draw an small arrow that indicates a magnitude and direction of the field. If the magnetic field strength is then the flow is reduced (density is again non-Linear), but if the magnetic field strength is zero amperes, a certain amount of flux density remains. Picture two ovals side by side, then the image is placed the bar magnet in between them, overlap the long edges of the oval, where the oval touch. ah, you are not actually from the poles, within the magnet, they are bundled, but still closed loops with the lines outside. Magnetic field direction: We define the strength or size of the field using the classic behavior that we see when we use a compass. A. The magnetic field lines spread out from one pole, curve around the magnet, and back to the other pole… The General rule for determining the direction of the magnetic field is, by an imaginary North pole in the area of the magnet. The field lines of a pole (the end of the magnet) and then curve back to a page, the other pole in the manner of a semi-oval.. Besart Xhosha

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A physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, resulting in attractive and repulsive forces between objects.

  1. A magnetic field is can be observed the area around a magnet in which the effects of the magnet.
  2. Field lines Show the strength and direction, If the lines of magnetic field are closer together, the magnetic field is strong.
  3. The direction of the magnetic field line are oriented provides the information on the direction of the field, with the Convention that the lines and arrows drawn so the lines exit from the North pole of the permanent magnet, or what is the same, the arrows point in the direction that the North needle end of a compass-when on the line.
  4. Now, imagine the earth’s magnetic field is an umbrella, this is a pretty sturdy umbrella, so that the most of the sun off the wind is distracted and all over the world.
  5. The magnetic field lines represent the direction of the magnetic field and the intensity of the field.
  6. You can get more complicated at the ends, but the above statement is good for a solenoid of infinite length, which has no ends, and is a good approximation in the middle of a real one.
  7. Let’s say you put the North pole beside a South pole, since opposites attract and therefore one would draw the magnetic field lines in the direction of the South pole of the external environment.
  8. In order to show that the intensity of the magnetic field, if you want more or less of these magnetic field lines.

Field lines are a mathematical concept, not real physical objects; a magnetic field is continuously..

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