Buy a Trezor in the UK

We are all aware of the benefits of bitcoin. The population of the UK is no exception. As a widely used, completely decentralized form of modern cryptocurrency, bitcoin is one of the safest and most secure ways of dealing with money online. Also, because of the boom in popularity of this currency in recent years, there are innumerable opportunities for buying, selling and general trading of bitcoin. An entirely new market has grown up online surrounding this 21st century version of gold, and there are so many ways that willing opportunists can capitalize on this.

However to fully take advantage of bitcoin and all of its benefits, it is important that people have a secure, unbreakable way of making transactions via the web. This means keeping your private keys safe and away from prying eyes or lurking hackers. One proven way of doing this is by using a Trezor.

A trezor is a very simple, no frills functional device that is designed to keep your transactions secure, even when completing the transactions via an infected computer. You might wonder how on earth this is possible? Well, a trezor is actually a fully self contained miniature computer which can interact with the network. This allows it to handle the precious tasks of sending and receiving keys for the transactions you make. This can make it virtually impossible for somebody to breach your security and discover the all important private keys.

There is some great functionality in built with a simple Trezor. For example, using the small display you can confirm the address of the other party, the amount of the transaction and the sending fee associated with the transaction. When you press that little button on the Trezor you can be truly confidant that the correct amount is being transferred, to the correct party, and your security is 100% not compromised.

There are plenty of good ways to buy a Trezor in the UK. The best and most secure way to this is to buy direct from the original manufacturers website. A simple search for the Trezor hardware wallet should bring you their official website. Be aware that cheap knock-off alternatives might not provide you with the same guarantee of security in your online transactions. The official Trezor website does take customers from the UK, so you will be able to get shipping from America. Their shipping costs are also reasonably priced, so you can expect to pay about 10 euro for shipping across the Atlantic.

There are other UK based websites will allow you to buy not only Trezor hardware wallets but other brands of hardware wallets. You may find some generic, non branded alternatives as well. As always, you should be sensible and practice the concept of ‘buyer beware’. Take a good look at the reviews and the specifications for any hardware wallet that you are interested in, and only buy it if you trust the source and are confidant that the device is of good quality and genuine.