How to join Coinbase?

Bitcoin has become popular the world over ever since it started to grow exceptionally well in the past few years. When this cryptocurrency started new, there were a few people interested in buying them. The ones who were interested in buying them had limited resources to guide them on how to buy Bitcoin. There were also not several options to buy the cryptocurrency. However, these are all things of the past. In the current scenario where Bitcoin has gained immense popularity, there are innumerable guides and several options to buy the cryptocurrency.

When you are looking to buy Bitcoin, you will get several brokers to buy the cryptocurrency from. You must be cautious enough to fall for any scam as there are many brokers that will dupe you. One of the most trusted Bitcoin brokers in the world is Coinbase. You should join Coinbase but before doing so, you must know about it.

At present, you can buy Bitcoin through Coinbase in more than 50 countries. It is the largest Bitcoin broker in the world which is why also the most popular the world over. It has over 30 million users worldwide which truly speaks about its reliability and popularity. Many new Bitcoin buyers ask if it is a safe platform or not. The simple answer is yes! The fact that so many people trust it and it is the largest broker for Bitcoin truly proves that it is safe and secure. When you are buying the cryptocurrency using this broker, you can be assured that everything is safe.

When you visit the homepage to join Coinbase, you would notice how simple their interface is. Actually, the people behind Coinbase has aimed to simplify things for the new buyers too so that they do not get confused when starting new. You can surf through the webpage to read about its features and pricing. When you are convinced that it is the right one for you, you can join Coinbase by creating an account and filling up the details. You would be required to link your bank account so that the cryptocurrency can be bought conveniently. If you are looking to use your card, you can do the same as it allows using your bank’s card to purchase Bitcoin using their platform. Before you are able to purchase from their platform, you would be required to authenticate your identity so that your profile is approved and you can legally buy Bitcoin and store it in your digital wallet.

Before you join Coinbase, it is also important for you to know about the fees. If you have directly linked your bank account, you would be charged a fee of 1.49% for each transaction. On the contrary, if you are buying the cryptocurrency using your card, you would have to pay more due to the processing fee of the card. The fee for buying Bitcoin using your card is 3.99% which is higher than the previous option. If you want to know whether you can join Coinbase in your country or not, you should check out the list of countries where they offer their services and you can move forward accordingly to buy Bitcoin for you.